Yorkshire GREEN Consultation Feedback Questionnaire

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Section F – Monk Fryston substation

As presented in our consultation materials, we are proposing the following works in this area (as set out on pages 31-35 of the Yorkshire GREEN Statutory Consultation Booklet:
  • a 275/400kV substation at Monk Fryston, covering an area of approximately 80,000m2, located in close proximity to (and connecting into) the existing Monk Fryston 275kV/400kV Substation.
  • reconfiguration (including new spans of overhead line) of existing 275kV overhead lines.
  • underground cables (approximately 0.6km in length) within the new Monk Fryston Substation.
  • reconfiguration of structures within the existing Monk Fryston substation, including the existing 400kV overhead line.

17. Having viewed the location of the proposed new substation and associated infrastructure in the Monk Fryston substation area, as defined in Figure 9 on page 34 of the Yorkshire GREEN Statutory Consultation Booklet, do you support our proposals?

18. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your response to Q17?

Please elaborate on any other issues we should consider/be aware of when refining the location of the Monk Fryston substation and associated infrastructure.

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